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Daj Soupcan

Daj Soupcan is a Gmod Monster, an inspired creation off of Dic Soupcan , created by Youtube User metabug.

Daj Soupcan was concepted and made by Youtube User Fortephoenix.


Daj Soupcan takes the form of a dark grey version of Rainbow Dash, though the two live in seperate universes.

She first appeared in a Gmod video created by Fortephoenix, in which her inspiration, Dic Soupcan, a Gmod monster, was working alongside a RED Heavy to capture a point. Left to defend it, Dic Soupcan soon grows bored, but is very soon brought to joy and cheer, upon seeing Daj come by and see him.

Daj and Dic Soupcan apparently (in this form) go way back, and are still good friends as it seems, according to their reactions upon spotting eachother.

Abilities and BehaviourEdit

As of late, Daj has been shown to be a great hero for the side of good. She can get quite mean when provoked, but most of the time appears carefree.

As an inspirational take on Dic Soupcan, Daj Soupcan shares some of his powers:

-Her main attack is burping grenades whenever an attack is nearby.

-Daj uses a soupcan to fly/charge towards her enemies at a very high speed, creating a huge impact upon collision.

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