Shrink Ray




Energy Field
VERY weak to EMP and electrical weaponry

Instantly destroyed if one guesses the "auto self-destruction password"

Will not attack anyone who's alignment is good, even if it's a disguise
CyberMegaTorso Mk I

CyberMegaTorso Mk I

CyberMegaTorso is an anti-monster destruction cyborg. During a grueling fight with the infamous Christian Brutal Sniper, a BLU Pyro's legs were torn clean off. Later, he was repaired by the top Engineers using the same methods utilised in making Soldine, albeit on a larger scale.

Abilites and WeaponryEdit

CyberMegaTorso (currently in Mk I) has several weapons and abilities that help it defeat the extremely powerful monsters to goes up againts. If uses a unique SashaRocketStickyBomber, that is a connected minigun, rocket launcher, and sticky bomb launcher. It's right hand is a gear-claw, it's blades can easily cut through solid steel and can utilise enegry fields in order to increase damage. These blades can also rotate at extremely quick speeds.

CMT Mk I can also use energy fields to proctect itself and deflect hostile attacks. It has a passive energy shield most notably around the pyro itself in the form of a ubercharge. This ubercharge is weak and only makes the Pyro partially immune to attacks. It's turret feet are also another medium for weaponry.

The more obscure abilities of CMT Mk I inclued a shrink ray, short-range teleporter, energy morningstars, and high jumping capability.


CMT also has several weakness which can be useful in conflicts with it. First off, it can easily be destoryed if one focuses heavy gunfire on the pyro. If will also be automatically destroyed if one guess the self-destruction password. CMT will not attack anyone who is not a monster or evil, however, it cannot detect disguises very well.

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