Cryo is a light-BLU Pyro that possesses ice-based elemental powers. He is the main henchman of Dr. Schadenfreude.

He was created by the YouTube user, SarisKhan.


Cryo's main ability is Cryokinesis. He is able to spontaneously create icy objects of various size and shape out of thin air. Moreover, the cooler the climate the more powerful he is, and in arctic conditions he is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

For offensive use, he can fire volleys of Spy-Cicles from his hand in a way reminescent of shooting from a rifle, or materialise and throw large chunks of hardened ice at his opponents. He is also able to (at least temporarily) freeze his enemy on direct contact, and use the time provided to either attack, think of a plan or to retreat.

Defensively, he can summon big plates of ice that act as shields, and may double as projectiles. When under heavy fire, Cryo is able to encircle himself completely with a column of constantly regenerating ice, which can withstand powerful blows and protect him from suprise attacks.

Last but not least, he is well-trained in melee combat. He wields an ice axe called "Sharpened Glacier Fragment", which is able to cut even through tempered steel. Unlike Medizard, who summons his ice Claidemah Mór out of thin air, Cryo carries his SGF with him at all times, like a normal weapon.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Because of his reliance on ice-based techniques, he is extremely vulnerable to fire and heat.
  • He is significantly weakened when the temperature is high.
  • Explosive attacks are also quite effective against him, though not as much as the fire-based ones.
  • Despite his excellent fitness and training, physically he is not above the human capacity and as a result, he cannot engage the more powerful GMod Monsters in melee combat on even terms.


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