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W crowbar
  • 10 (against players)
  • 20 (against NPCs)
  • 2 (when used by NPCs)
Magazine Size


Fire Mode




Used by

Players, Citizens, Metrocops and Barney

Reload Time



The crowbar is a melee weapon, it appears in the Tier 1 of the player's inventory. It will spawn by default with the players if the server allows players to spawn with weapons. The crowbar only uses the primary trigger. When the primary trigger is hit the user will swing the crowbar. The crowbar isn't ideal for close combat quarters unless the user is dueling another player or fighting weak NPCs with his full armor.


The Crowbar can be used as a tool to quickly smash breakable props, such as crates and tables.


If an enemy NPC is wielding this weapon he will only deal 2 damage, this means that allies with this weapon are not very helpful and enemies with this weapon are very weak.


  • This is an iconic weapon from Half-Life 2.
  • If this weapon is spawned with other NPCs than the ones wich are scripted to use them, they will not use it, when approched they will play the ragdoll animation and will do nothing to the player.


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