52. Cornish Game Spy

Cornish Game Spy

Cornish Game Spy is a Monster created by SonGOKUSSJ6. It is a RED/BLU Spy who stands on his hands with his front on the floor, legs bent up, at least in his normal position.

Biography and HistoryEdit

Cornish Game Spy was originally a Spycrab who nearly died by a currently unknown cause. His life was spared by Gman, who mutated the Spycrab using pills containing highly-concentrated Bonk! Atomic Punch. It isn't clear what motive Gman had for saving this Spycrab, especially since mutating him did not spare the endangered population from losing a valuable individual. CGS is the father of Scunt, and continues to date Scunt's mother.


Cornish Game Spy shows a small variety of abilities most of which involving his ability to extend a steel tongue-like thing out of any opening on his body including the inner parts of joints such as the back of his knees or armpits. These tongues stick to anything they touch, which he can then pull himself to and stand on them or, in the case of his mouth, pull them in and consume them. As has just been mentioned, he can stand anywhere, even on the ceiling.

Anything Cornish eats, he can take on the properties of, in a way similar to Kirby one might say. This means that depending on what he takes in, he can turn into lead, float or fly, use himself as a gun or become impervious to flame or acid. These changes of physical properties last for 8 hours - about the length of a full digestion cycle.

Cornish seems to have a death-feigning mechanism functionally similar to the Dead Ringer. The main difference is that Cornish actually forms a clone of himself. It's possible that he simply comsumed a Dead Ringer at the time.

Cornish could be considered a friend of Painis Cupcake similar to Kill Scout, due to his providing Painis with the meat from a victim that evaded him but wound up landing right in Cornish's lap.


  • Cyber Cornish Game Spy: A cyborg version of Cornish Game Spy.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

These are unknown for the time being.


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