In Cops And Runners there are two teams: The runners and the police. Edit

The runner's goal is to have at least one runner free for a certain amount of time, about a minute. The police's goal is to jail all of the prisoners before time runs out.

When the round starts, the warden, a special policeman, has 30 seconds to place down his jail (SLAM). If he doesn't, the round restarts. After that, the policemen have to tag the runners with a stunstick to put them in jail. All policemen have a marker on their hud indicating where the jail is. They also run faster than the runners.

The runners have two main items: Holstered and the Crowbar. If they are holstered, they can run faster than if they have their crowbar out. They can use their crowbar to free jailed runners by hitting them with it. Some runners have a smoke grenade which they can use to run away from police. When a smoke grenade is used, the runners get an indicator on their hud showing where the smoke was thrown.


RIP THE RUNNERS WHEN DEATH GETS THEM, with the traps and weapons being used against them.


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