First before starting a comic, planing it should be a priority. Wich means a list of the content, the material you need and the plot (if it has one) should be established.

The advice for any comic maker is the creation of those lists via a text editors. Lists should be separeted depending of its kind and subject.

Here is a list of the basic planning lists a comic maker might use :

  • Plot
  • Scences
  • Content
  • Location
  • Characters
  • Ambience and decoration
  • Weapons
  • Dialogues
  • Easters Eggs or references
  • Materials, props, ragdolls
  • NPCs

Those lists should be often edited, as they ideas might be changed, developed, enhanced, added or even deleted.

Once the comic maker is sure of the content that would be present in his comic he might start the hard work.