Coach is a playable character of Left 4 Dead 2 game. In GMOD videos. He is the main protagonist of The Adventures of Coach. Coach is friends with Vin Diesel. He loves cheeseburgers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Coach has powers. He has the ability to use Cheeseburger Apocalypse-mode to attack his enemies. When using it, his form has his Head with a body of a cheeseburger. When he obtains the Cheeseburger of World Apocalypse, Coach can kill people, can fly, create force fields, generate electricity, teleportation, launch cheeseburgers as projectiles and fire energy beam from his powerful item. He has superstrength, durability and is much powerful as Heavy with the Great Sandwich.


Vin Diesel is Coach's best friend. They help each other during episodes of the Adventures of Coach.

Ellis is Coach's friend. They both come from Savannah, they like Midnight Riders, Jimmy Gibbs jr and Whispering Oaks.

Shaun is Coach's friend. In the trip. Shaun flies to rescue him and Vin Diesel

Nick is Coach's friend. They both robbing and fighting zombies.

Coach invites Demopan to a restaurant because he won a bet from a BLU spy and they celebrate.


When Coach see anyone who wants his burger, he will attack them.

Hunter is the one who kept Coach prisoner for 5 months. At the end of Rage Apocalypse 2, a Hunter is a doctor and tells to Coach and Tony Montana that they're lucky that he's a doctor. Another Hunter appears and says that he's no doctor before pouncing them. Coach kills Hunter with his knife so that he can have kettle corn.

Charger uses Coach's addiction to chocolate to lure a horde of Coaches into a trap. He throws a giant boulder at them. During an arm wrestling. Coachs knows that Charger will win because of his oversized arm and refuses to do this. When Charger freaks out, he explodes.


Tank and Coach oversee the fight between original L4D Tank and Charger. Coach sees Tank try to eat a cheeseburger and kills him.



  • Coach is the main antagonist of Cheeseburger Apocalypse: The Movie and of Tasty Cools Youtube series.
  • Coach is one of two people who wants to kill President Heavy and succeeds in doing so. The other is Sniper
  • In Officer Heavy, Coach gets arrested by Heavy.

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