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Civil Protection

A Civil Protection chasing a Gangster

Civil Protection (abrieviated CP,) also known as the Police Officer, is a job in the Game mode, DarkRP.


The Civil Protection class is a popular class in DarkRoleplay. The player model for CPs is usually Half Life 2's Civil Protection Officer, unless the server has its own models. Some servers require a server-wide vote for a player to join their ranks, which can make it difficult to join. The members of the Civil Protection's salaries varies, depending on the server, but are normally around $60 to $75. They have the ability to arrest other players. CPs can purchase illegal weapons without the worry of being arrested. CPs can be arrested on most servers, but normally aren't, due to the fact that they have to break the law to enforce them. In most servers, Civil Protection Officers can use the /wanted and /unwanted commands which will display the word wanted above somebodies head so other cops can arrest him. The command is: /wanted name reason


CPs weapons consist of the standard Gravity Gun, Physics Gun, pocket, keys, camera, and tool gun and Police issue arrest baton/un-arrest baton, battering ram (using the RPG model) to unfreeze/un-weld props and open doors, Glock and stun stick. The Arrest baton arrests the target and sends him/her to the jail location set by a server Admin/Civil Protection Chief. The Unarrest baton, when used on arrested players will unarrest players and teleport them to the spawn, albeit without any prior acquired weapons.. The stun stick knocks the target back a few feet on strike with a left click, and dealing 10 damage on a right click. The Glock does not come with any extra ammo, just a full clip already loaded.

Civil Protection ChiefEdit

The Civil Protection Chief is a step-up of the standard Civil Protection Officer. They mostly take the model of the Nova Prospekt Security Guard (unless the server has it's own). They carry the standard Civil Protection gear, however instead of a Glock they mostly carry a Deagle. The Civil Protection Chief gets normally $75 for his salary. As the Civil Protection Chief, you're in the Mayor's hands. You are to do as he says, and you have control of the Civil Police Force with the Mayor's command higher than yours. You may be corrupt, however, if caught by a proper, patriotic Mayor that's strict, you will be fired, or worse.

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