ChuckleNuts is a RED TF2 Scout wearing a Bonk Boy, Bonk Helm. While his actual origins remain unknown, there are some theories as to explain his existance.

Theory 1:Edit

ChuckleNuts, one day drank a ton of BONK Atomic Punch, resulting in an incredibly hyper-active scout. To this day, he is still high on BONK Atomic Punch. This somehow caused the scout to forget his name and the first word he heard was "ChuckleNuts".

Theory 2:Edit

ChuckleNuts was a scout in which Trollitzen as his hero/idol and decided to follow in his footsteps, becoming a world-class troll. Maybe even exceeding Trollitzen for the title, world's greatest troll.

ChuckleNut's Introduction:Edit

Upon introducing himself, ChuckleNuts says, "Yo, What's up, I'm ChuckleNuts." He then hits his victim with an Atomizer and runs off. If his victim runs after him, he will continue to taunt them about the fact the fact that they can't hit him. ChuckleNut's introduction is taken from a few scout lines, one from "Meet the Scout."

  • "Yo, What's up?" (meet the scout)
  • "HeHey, I'm flyin'!"
  • "Think fast, ChuckleNuts!"


ChuckleNuts's abilities seem to revolve around trolling. ChuckleNuts is supposed to be a world-class troll. Here is a list of his abilities:

  • outrun anything
  • dodge anything
  • run up/down walls
  • run on any ceiling
  • to escape anything
  • activate "Troll Physics"
  • an infinite supply of Atomizers

Faults and Weaknesses:Edit

Like, Trollitzen, ChuckleNuts would have to try really hard to actually kill enemies. Although, ChuckleNuts would have a much easier time killing someone than Trollitzen due to his Atomizer. Despite this, his Atomizer and strength wield no special properties at all. In fact, his Atomizer is actually very weak

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