Cheeseburger Apocalypse is a movie created by Mistermild. It features the battle between Coach and Heavy.


The movie starts in the night with Heavy sleeping in his house. Outside a temple. Coach goes in there and obtains a mystical Cheeseburger of World Apocalypse. The burger corrupts and turns him evil. Evil Coach kills Zoey, Francis, a combine cop, RED Engineer and others. Heavy awakens, reads a book about the Legend of the Great Sandwich as it is the only way to stop the evil cheeseburger. He kicks his door open and starts his journey. The hero travels, escaping Red Vagineers, swims to evade Demosharks and reaches the temple which kepts the Great Sandwich. Heavy meets the guardians of the special item. They allows him to take the sandwich as he prepares for his fight with Evil Coach. Later the villain is confronted by Heavy and the two fights. They fires energy beams from their respective items. Heavy's sandwich beam hits Evil Coach, defeats him. He banishes the evil spirit to the cheeseburger and restores Coach to normal. Everyone killed by Evil Coach returns to normal and cheers at Heavy.


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