Celtx 2.9.7 Mac is a fully-featured and powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to write scripts, create storyboards, breakdowns, plan budgets and schedules, and generate cast and crew reports for your production.

All-in-one post-production tool for novice and experienced users From Celtx’s main window you have quick and easy access to various pre-visualization, writing, as well as productivity tools, which you can use to shape and model your story.

Hence, you can write stage plays, screenplays and more to industry-standards and take full advantage of state of the art tools like collaborative writing and version history.

Moreover, you can create storyboard and draw camera and lighting setups directly from Celtx’s main window. Let your imagination free and create numerous clip-art images in order to further speed up the drawing process.

Celtx’s intuitive tool set makes it easy to tag your script and identify elements from over 36 pre-defined categories that cover everything from props and cast to locations.

On top of that, you can provide descriptive layouts and settings for all the scenes and shots, and label the movement, equipment, shot type and angle.

With Celtx’s help you can also schedule productions using standard stripboard and calendar views, prepare detailed shooting and stripboard reports along with call sheets for the crew and cast.

Easily organize your shoot days and budget your project Consequently, you can accurately budget your productions by using well over 80 different conventional budget categories.

Furthermore, Celtx’s top toolbar helps you save, print and upload your project to Celtx’s cloud, while the Project Library panel allows you to view the content of the currently loaded project.

Also, thanks to the bottom tab, you can effortlessly switch between the Script, TypeSet, Scratchpad, Index Cards, Tittle Page and Reports tab.

On the whole, Celtx is a full-featured application for OS X designed from the get-go to make movie and video planning an easier to manage task, as well as to make it a lot simpler to collaborate with your team while writing scripts and preparing each and every shoot.

Celtx brings together all the necessary tools to completely document any audiovisual project, whether it's a movie, short film, a play or a music video.

The application respects international standards when giving a layout to the literary, technical or audiovisual script. It is also possible to create radio plays and theatre that meet this standard.

Celtx allows you to organize everything related to the pre-production of your work, including characters, costumes, make-up, materials, props, locations of the scenes, etc. Multimedia images and files that are useful for the project are other two types of resources that the program can store.

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