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"It is mah Face-to-Face Man Fightin'!"

Captain Demoman is a Demoman obsessed with his "Face to Face Man Fightin'," the nickname he gave his claymore. In reality he's impossibly weak and every single GMod Monster (and even regular mercenaries) could completely crush him with ease; he's unaware of this and considers himself to be the greatest TF2 Freak who has ever lived. He's very arrogant, self-obsessed and hubristic, believing himself to be superior to everyone. Unsurprising how everyone likes to show him otherwise.

Despite his unending and severe ineptitude Captain Demoman shows great determination and traits of resurrective immortality similar to Snipe; but whereas Snipe is actually self-capable, the Captain is completely useless.

His greatest fear is "Cheese Scout", a Scout with a clock on his head who inexplicably appears at the worst possible times for Captain Demoman and states "I AM CHEESE SCOUT....I WILL EAT YOU" - then removes a random limb and doesn't actually eat anyone. He's completely out to get Captain Demoman and will go to great lengths to disturb his business.

List of characters who have "killed" Captain DemomanEdit

List of characters who Captain Demoman has killedEdit


  • I am Captain Demoman!
  • It is mah Face-to-Face Man Fightin'!
  • Not one of ye's gonna survive mah Face-to-Face Man Fightin'!
  • Go home!
  • Bloody Spy!
  • No! I'm Captain Demoman! I'm gonna glue you!
  • Ye brought shame on mah Face-to-Face Man Fightin'! Go home!
  • Go to Hell, an' tell the Devil I'm Captain Demoman!
  • If ye're huntin' trouble, lad, ye found mah Face-to-Face Man Fightin'!

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