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Camera Tool
W toolgun

Camera Placing Tool


The Camera tool is a tool that allows its user to spawn cameras and control them. There is also the option to make a (can't find) TV to show what the camera is seeing

This for a good security system.


The tool has many uses:

  • Easy screenshots.
  • Advanced movie making.
  • Monitoring: usually used on RP servers by people when they leave their home.
  • More viewpoints on cars or any other structure.


Press and hold the menu key (Q by default), then in the tool menu in "RENDER" select 'Camera'.


  • Primary fire, (MOUSE1 by default), spawns a camera.
  • Secondary fire, (MOUSE2 by default), spawns a camera that faces you or whatever you were aiming at when placing the camera
  • In the context menu you can choose if the camera will be static or will have physics effects.
  • It can create windows so you can use many cameras at the same time.

How to change POV: Press whatever key that is set to the camera key. (Note that by default it is 0 and that doesn't work)


It cannot view perimeters outside the map.

You cannot put it on entities (this includes players)

Context menuEdit

To open it, hold and press the context key (C by default). The context menu allows to its user to:

  • Hide/Display HUDs.
  • Choose a key in the keypad that activates/deactivates a camera.
  • Make the camera static or not.

Trivia Edit

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