I hate to say it but this page doesn't have much of a chance of surviving very long, as the character is not elaborated on at all, no picture AND no appearance, it's also a bad idea to ask anyone to create a video for you as it could turn out in a trollish way. *I'll fix the spelling mistakes in this too


c0mbine3lite is a stand-in character created by c0mbine3lite, he is the creator of the scorphunters.=====

Early lifeEdit

c0mbine3lite was a citizen who liked combines very much! He became a combine elite and he is currently the only legendary soldier. He is actually kill stronger gmod monsters. (Vagineer, painis cupcake ect.)-This will need proof. He created the the scorpion hunters and he also invented the combine mortal. It is unknown if he will be freinds with other stand-in characters.

Note for adminsEdit

Please i dont know how to make gmod movies could you made 2 gmod movies *The scorphunters* And *The story of c0mbine3lite*? -If you wish for this page to stay then you'll need to make an effort when it comes to making a video, if someone random creates the videos for you then they could A. Take the credit and B. Make them completly idiots..


The combine assassin is planned to be his sister/girlfreind.

He made the Anti zombies group.

Possibly hijacked a vagiwarship

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