C-ombine was created by YouTube user Redbull254,but was adopted by andrewweeson



C-ombine with his Heavy Grapling Gun Luncher

He's a combine elite soldier with immense size, acts quickly and fears nothing. His main objective is to defend his avatar Odessa from trouble, from getting himself killed and from being attacked by a GMod Monster. He doesn't talk too much because he doesn't like much of anything since he's acting like the other bodyguards as well.


  • Immense strength (Almost the same as Giga Demos)
  • Equipped with bulletproof/fireproof body armor and a Long Range Heavy Grappling Gun
  • High speed and jump (Same as Giga Demos)
  • Good Hand-to-hand combatant (Same as Giga Demos)

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Since he's primarily a long range weapon user and has at-best-decent hand-to-hand combat abillity he's lacking in heavy physical combat, which can become a problem quickly, which makes him vulnerable to Giga Demo.


C-ombine and Giga Demo are nemeses,but hold grudging respect for each-other as fighters and defenders. The two can be seen as two different takes at the same line of work - one focusing on rapid distance attack, the other on direct and powerful, but comparatively slow, physical offense.

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