Buddhist Murder Pyro

Buddhist Murder Pyro is a GMod Monster by TheInvertedShadow, and inspired by Christian Brutal Sniper, complete with sharing the aspect of having a religion unmatching his behavior.

He appears as a RED Pyro with YLW colored bandoliers.


Buddhist Murder Pyro fought alongside Inner Heart Kami (the Kami that appeared before the Scout that awoke Pyro in his introductory video) and her lover, Nagi Heavy, in a great many wars long ago, long before IHK became Kami's guardian. But during one of those wars, Murder was ambushed along with Nagi Heavy, and sealed away in the temple you see in the video in the form of a golden Buddhist statue. IHK became very angered and vowed that she would find a way to awaken her best disciple, no matter how long it took. Shadow Kami, hearing of this, decided to help IHK out, taking on her form and misleading a white Scout to what he believed would be treasure and power.

His arrival into the known GMod world was only recently - the Scout arrived at the temple Murder resided in, in search of the riches he had heard tell of. Rather than heed the warnings of Shadow, whose voice contacted him shortly beforehand, the Scout proceeded to whack the statue with his Bat, causing the crystalline structures around the temple to illuminate, awakening Murder and summoning Inner Heart Kami. IHK then proceeded to order Murder to attack and mutilate the Scout who awakened him with a frightening vengeance. IHK revealed herself to actually be Shadow Kami afterward. And thus began Murder's entry into the new GMod-verse.

Murder is at the beck and call of IHK. By modern logic, this would lead one to believe that successfully holding her hostage would result in Murder not attacking. This is false in Murder's case, who is oblivious to modern customs and has no reason not to be. This course of action will instead only garner his full rage-filled attention. An effective distraction for others, but disastrous for those who attempted the ploy.


Murder shares the same abilities as Brutal for the most part. A few key differences are his fireproof nature and his superior skill compared to CBS due to time and experience. Because of this CBS stays out of his way whenever possible. His physical strength is especially great, possibly enough to damage Blockgineer, though this is unverified.

A rubber duck that he holds very dear is capable of turning people into golden statues at his will.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

The rubber duck Murder so prizes has a thing for drawing his attention away from other things, if only briefly. Though a small window of opportunity, it still is one, for whatever one has planned.


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