Brutwilight Sharples disorted laugh after killing a Soldier.
Brutwilight Sharple is a GMod Pony Monster created by Youtube user Grzysweet89. She is the first pony to become one with Christian Brutal Sniper.


Brutwilight Sharple looks like Brutalight Sparcake, but with black and red hair.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Brutwilight Sharple basically acts the same as CBS, but she acts more brutal, as seen in Brutwilight Sharple--The Revenge. In that video you can see 2 Classes that have been brutally carved by a Persian Persuader. She usually flies out of the air like CBS and proceeds to kill anyone she sees. Unfortunately, Brutalight Sparcake is indeed Sharple's subordinate.

Notable VideosEdit

By the creatorEdit

By the communityEdit

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