The Boomer is one of the antagonists of the Left 4 Dead franchise. He is a member of the Special Infected. The Boomer has the ability to puke a bile that attracts the Infected to the covered survivors. There is a female counterpart of the Boomer named Boomette. She can be his wife/mother.


The Smoker is best friends with the Boomer. They can discuss about how to hang out during Gmod. The Smoker helps the Boomer to get revenge on the survivors by pushing him off the cliff and catch him with his tongue and pulls him to the survivors so that the Boomer can bile them as payback.

Bill can be friendly to Boomers by dressing himself as a ghost and does something nice or helpful for them, to which the Boomers will reply "Thanks Mr. Ghost guy."

Pinkie Pie teaches Boomer how to make cupcakes. But he pukes at the bowl and gets thrown outside by her when she's angry.


Hunter is a rival to Boomer. He once kicked him off the rooftop during a planned attack on the twins. Boomer gets his revenge by shooting at the Hunter much to twins' surprise.

Rochelle is the terror of the Infecteds. She kicks Boomer, gives him a middle finger and shoots him without mercy.


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