Bonk Boy is a GMod character created by moonratds, based on the Team Fortress 2 item set "Bonk Boy".


Bonk Boy is a BLU Scout that has the Bonk Boy, Bonkhelm,Fast Learner, and Boston Boom Bringer.


Bonk Boy is a new monster, So nothing has been revealed about him other then he helps others in times of trouble.


Bonk Boy has these powers:

  • Flight
  • Can explode heads, how this is done is yet to be explained
  • Become invincible with Bonk for a bit, though he can't attack while doing this

Faults and WeaknesessEdit

Bonk Boy is light, He can be knocked down with little effort. he also has no defense against ranged attacks, Giving monsters that can use this as an advantage. High Velocity attacks can knock him out very quickly. Monsters like Giga-Demo and The Zombie Heavy from Team ZOM can defeat him with no effort other then the first punch. He also isn't very good at dodging attacks, even if they are slow.


Bonk Boy can't be hurt by:

  • Death stares and other Gazes
  • Explosions, Though they do knock him a great distance
  • Being Crushed

Characters Bonk Boy has defeatedEdit

2 starescouts Starescout leader Staregineer

Characters that have defeated Bonk BoyEdit

RED Pyro


First appearance:

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