The Blockgineer is a minor Monster created by HalBuzzKill. Its body is effectively invincible, but being a Monster used for comic relief rather than serious action, it gets a pass and a relatively low Monster list position. He has been described by his creator HBK as being "Very heavy, all but impossible to damage in a way that leaves marks or has consequences, and can wreck anyone's stuff in record time due to his tendency to inadvertently explode." He has no relation to the flash game of the same name.


The Blockgineer is a peculiar Monster in that it doesn't seem to have any abilities - at least not that it can initiate on its own - that are all too harmful. He is a RED Engineer with a Super Mario Bros. block for his body that only his upper body and legs stick out of. He cannot move his legs at all so he flies instead, albeit clumsily. Clumsily in that he has a tendency to stop controlling his flight resulting in him falling. He has a tendency to fall on top of people and animals, or occasionally conveniently-placed explosives. It may actually be a common Engineer riding a floating armoured block.


His body composition makes him seemingly invulnerable, being able to take a lot of punishment. So far Blockgineer has been shown to be able to withstand:

  • Falling long distances
  • Direct impact from jets
  • Prolonged physical contact with hazardous materials and lifeforms(e.g. Chris-chan)
  • His own body exploding(More information lower down)
  • Other explosives
  • Acid sprays
  • Fire
  • Scalding water/Steam
  • Gunfire
  • Axes to the face
  • -List will grow with time.-

Heavydile's bite is powerful enough to dent the material that makes up Blockgineer's body, but not penetrate it, at least not without repeated efforts to do so. It is unknown what is contained within his box body.

Blockgineer's body will occasionally start flashing. When this happens he is unable to fly. This flashing shows that his body is about to go high-explosive. The detonation doesn't appear to permanently damage Blockgineer himself but it frightens him nonetheless. This is reason to believe that this detonation is probably quite painful. These flash-then-detonate events seem to also be able to be triggered by periods of heightened emotional state, such as great fear or excitement.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Blockgineer's body is very magnetic, so using a sufficiently large one will pin him against it immobilizing him. This is because any magnet that isn't miniature(fridge magnets and the like) will render him incapable of flight. Magnets also make him unable to detonate his body. Though he will still be effectively indestructible, he will be completely helpless.


Cyber Blockgineer: A cyborg version of Blockgineer.



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