Bill is one of the 4 Survivors of Left 4 Dead. He is a Vietnam veteran, with a white beard and beret. He's usually seen as the leader of the Survivors, thanks to his age and paternal instincts.

In Left 4 Dead 2, he ended up killed during the events of The Sacrifice and can be seen in The Passing.

He also makes a cameo appearance in the No Mercy heist in Payday: The Heist.

In Garry's ModEdit

He once tried to take Louis's pills.

He can be seen in Bormachine's Heavy Joins the Army

He gets sad when Louis dies.

He's generally close to his other friends, which are :

Francis, Louis, and Zoey

He gets arrested along with Smoker by combine cops for smoking.

He gets mad at Francis alot calling him a son of a bitch or an ass. Francis sometimes annoys him by calling him Grandpa, Oldman, or Captain Bill.

Unlike in-game, he can get annoyed by Louis because of his obsession with pills.

He often gets sad to see him die, however. 

With Zoey, he cares alot about her and gets worried when she's in trouble.

Powers and AbillitesEdit

When Bill says he's gonna murder every animal (zombies) on Earth with his own bare hands, he can use his own Hunter attack against the Infected. He uses this to kill Smokers. He can befriend Boomers by dressing up as a ghost and does something nice or helpful for them, to which the Boomers will reply "Thanks Mr. Ghost guy."


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