Bentrood is a GMod Monster created by BenthicBurnspawn. Bentrood will appear in many upcoming Garry's Mod videos created by Benthic himself.


Testchmb a 150011

One of the only known photos of Bentrood (at left). At right, the words "Bentrood Lives" can be seen carved into the wall.

Bentrood was an accidental creation by the scientists at Aperture Sciences. Originally a new form of Turret, a glitch in his motherboard caused it to take the form of a randomly selected being. The motherboard's forme of choice is a RED Pyro wearing the Triclops hat. Bentrood went on a rampage, ravaging Aperture and destroying millions of dollars in equipment. Fortunately it was shut down and stored in the lowest level of Aperture.

However, long after GLaDOS had taken over Aperture, Bentrood was awakened, just as Chell was beginning her first tests. Bentrood stalked the woman, test chamber after test chamber. Come chamber 15, and Bentrood decided to strike, but GLaDOS was alerted to his presence and prevented it from killing Chell. Bentrood dug and clawed its way out of Aperture into the world above. There have been some reports of strange occurances in the Pacific Northwest which many claim is the work of Bentrood.


Bentrood's main ability is it's highly intelligent mind. It's brain is a form of supercomputer and can easily think and preform certain feats normal computers and humans cannot. Aside from that, it carries around a fire axe from which it scavenged from a dead fireman it killed.

Bentrood can also appear to teleport although this has not been documented many times.


Despite being a highly evolved supercomputer, Bentrood is subject to many logic tests which can fry its motherboard. However, such attempts mostly prove useless and it is not a recommended attack against Bentrood.

Bentrood is also vulnurable to freezing temperatures which it despises and if subjected to it, Bentrood will recieve burns on its hide.


  • Bentrood's original design was a RED Pyro with the Last Breath mask on.
  • Bentrood may be directly related to Pygas, but this is highly disregarded.
  • Seeman have been seen after one of Bentrood's attacks. Their exact relation to Bentrood is unknown.
  • Bentrood is speculated as being tied with Painis Cupcake for number 7 on the GMod Monster power scale. This is, again, speculatory as Bentrood is unlike other GMod Monsters in many ways.
  • Bentrood seems to have the power to manipulate cameras and cause them to distort the footage they are filming. This is inspired by the Marble Hornets series of videos on YouTube.

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