Louis beats up Rochelle for no reason00:45

Louis beats up Rochelle for no reason

"The X beats up Y for no reason" are videos in which, as the name suggests a character beating up someone for no reason.

Original VideoEdit

The original video was titled ,,Louis beats up Rochelle for no reason, by RubberFruit.

In the video, Louis is sitting at a table when Francis comes flying and both hits Louis and breaks his table, knocking him to the ground. Francis points out that Rochelle is on another building and Louis flies to her with a rocket, before beating her with a door. He then becomes a giant and devours her... Unfortunately, he burps a pipebomb and detonates himself by accident whilst Francis leers at his pal's demise.


This video has been parodied a number of times, notable parodies include:

Blue OP beats up Darrel for no reason(by Sapphire Shard)

Coach beats up Zoey for no reason(by Grammernatzi)

Soldier beats up Demoman for no reason(by Achmed8595)

Shepard beats up Freeman for no reason(by Niko the Grunt)

Dempsey beats up Takeo for no reason(by mcluigi117)

Medic beats up Sniper for no reason(by fiefio)

The Scout beats up The Pyro for no reason(by EccentricWolven23)

Gordon Freeman beats up Barney for no reason(by OluapPlayer)

Bonnie beats up Withered Bonnie for no reason (by CodePurple)

The Heavy Beats up The Scout For No Reason. (by SharpTH)

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