"Time for a little butchery!"
BLU Nnnngh Sniper to Oluapland's inhabitants


The BLU Nnnngh Sniper appears as a Sniper "wearing" the Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul. A notable difference between him and the Nnnngh Snipers is that while the RED ones have distorted facial expressions resembling smiles, BLU's expression forms an angry frown instead. Another difference is that BLU Nnnngh Sniper is a single individual and not a Freak species.


BLU Nnnngh Sniper's earliest sighting comes from Professor Pyrowise in 1876, while he was exploring an ancient cave full of treasures. BLU Nnnngh Sniper was apparently trapped in an Australium statue, and judging by the age of the cave, it could mean he is thousands of years old. It's possible that he was imprisoned in the past by the ancient Australians who once called the temple home. After he was unknowingly freed by Pyrowise, he broke his unwitting rescuer's neck, and stormed out of the cave.

Since then, BLU Nnnngh Sniper has been seen murdering many people and creatures across Oluapland. He has killed hundreds, ranging from regular people to giant dragons. He was recorded missing for a while, until a RED Medic woke him up as he was resting in Gravel Pit. He is still at large, breaking necks and growing in power.

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