Assnick is a GMod Monster created by YouTube user anboorgoor., starting. off as simply Nick in the video "THAT LITTLE PEANUT MAN," wherein Nick had a powerful "ASS!" scream, before evolving into his current form.

Abilities Edit

Assnick is unable to move his limbs enough to walk, resulting in him needing to use a special spring from his rear end to bounce around for travel most of the time.

Assnick's primary ability is his ability to call out at a volume that human eardrums cannot handle without experiencing severe pain and headaches. Once he has his victim pinned to the ground, he'll proceed to use this call liberally, eventually resulting in the subject's head exploding.

He can also turn other characters from the Left 4 Dead series into Ass[X] versions of themselves, (eg. AssCoach) as shown in his modern form's first appearance.

Faults Edit

Assnick is unable to move effectively without his spring to bounce him along, rendering him vulnerable to materials that can adhere to this spring and stick it to the ground. He's also ineffective to people or Monsters that wear ear protection, as they prevent his calls from hurting the eardrums.


  • AssCoach: The ass version of Coach. Also created by anboorgoor.
  • Ass-chelle: Same, but Rochelle. Again, created by anboorgoor. Alternatively used in place of Assnick's spring. Uses a reverse scream which can implode victims' heads.


  • Assnick is actually relatively docile to most.
  • For unknown reasons, Assnick has a violent reaction towards weeaboos. He'll stop at nothing to attack and kill every one he sees.
  • Assnick does not exactly respond well to the presence of most other GMOD Monsters, with the exception of some other passive ones. This could result in practical applications such as using him as a monster detector.
  • Assnick is rumored to be friends with Abstract Spy, this hasn't been confirmed however.
  • Assnick is ultimately responsible for the defeat of the terrifying Painis Vagicake, transforming him into a friendly Weaselcake.
  • Assnick's theme is Kirby Superstar Ultra-Marx Soul Battle.

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