Ass Pancakes is a GMod Monster created by TheInvertedShadow. He is a fusion of SoupCock PorkPie and Painis Cupcake.

Introductory Video: Here


Ass Pancakes resides in a BLU can of Bonk! in no specific location. As such, Ass Pancakes can potentially be anywhere. Upon someone coming near his can, he will reveal himself and come out of the can, showing his ability to cling to walls and ceilings to move. When he gets close, he makes his announcement:

"I am Ass Pancakes! I'm gonna BONK you!"

Regardless of the impending victim's response, Ass Pancakes will spawn the homestuck Warhammer of Zillyhoo into his hand and scream wildly before smacking off his target's head, and then repeatedly and rapidly slamming what's left. After a while he calms down, but if someone else is nearby he'll go right back to his screaming and ridiculously rapid bonking.

On top of this, how he got the Warhammer in the first place is probably quite a story.


Ass Pancakes has, as been mentioned earlier, has been shown to be able to climb along walls and ceilings effortlessly. Also mentioned earlier is his spawning the Zillyhoo hammer and swinging it so often and at enough velocity as to imply infinite stamina. He also has some small degree of spatial manipulation, considering that he can fit himself into a Bonk! can. He can apparently teleport as well, as seen in a few videos such as the Trio of Freaks series.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Ass Pancakes has seemingly no defensive abilities passive or active aside from the usual Übercharging.
  • He is incapable of ranged attacks and would likely be easy to kill from a considerable distance. This weakness, however, is mitigated by his speed.


  • Dash Pancakes - A Pony version of Ass Pancakes.It was created by YouTube user Flaming Hammers.
  • Joker/Jester- The version seen commonly in Freak Fortress 2. He has the Joker's white face make-up and a jester's hat. He is also accompanied by Carnival Music.
  • Cyber Ass Pancakes: A cyborg version of Ass Pancakes.
  • Ass Scuntcakes: A Vagi version of Ass Pancakes.He was created by YouTube user Swiff.


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