Andrew Maxwell, is the brother of Vincent Maxwell and the 2nd oldest behind vincent, he too is a bounty hunter and acts as an advisor to Vincent and is also the second in command of Vincents team. Andrew typically specializes in Snipers, and he can get a clean kill in less then 10 seconds with his skills in snipers. Andrew is a year younger then Vincent, aging 30 years old.


Andrew's birth date, just like vincents, is also unknown, but Andrew was mentally ill after the incident with his parents being killed by christian brutal sniper, he was in a mental home a majority of the time, away from his brothers, but he moved where they moved. By Age 15, Andrew's Mental Sickness was finally cured and he rejoined his brothers in the homes they constantly moved in and out of. When the Bounty Hunter team of the brothers was formed, Andrew was named the Second in Command of the team. But On their first hunt, he was the one who took down the cruel criminal who took Vincents Eye.

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