Admin controll room

The control room located there


Admin base 15 is the main point of control in the gmod world as we know it today. admins go there to discuss how to counter mingebags and explore and pinpoint attacks in the gmod 9 universe. The base itself is laid out as follows:

Floor 1- explosives warehouse, cargo bay and cargo lift.

Floor 2- control room, bedrooms and power storage.

Floor 3- Cafeteria.

It is located in RP_CSCDESERT

Role in the war of the serversEdit

Admin base 15 played a massive part in the war, as it was the main point of admin salvage and it and the area around it was used as an air strip to launch their aircraft.

The mingebags used a MK42 LUA nuke on admin base 15, and half of it is now in ruins.

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