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A gmod representation of an admin

An Admin (or "Administrator") is the controller of a server. They have a lot of health, and access to weapons and props that cannot be used by regular players.

They help players in their problems, for example; All the players are stuck by as of a prop blocker, and he put the props in the place where you respawn. The admin bans those prop blockers and everyone gets his/her freedom.

Control on serversEdit

Admins can kick or ban any player at will, and have access to weapons and props unavailable to other players like the manhack gun, shown by a shield next to the spawn icon. If the shield is on an icon, that means only admins or players with special access can spawn them.

While most admins try to help players, some admins sadly abuse their power and kill, grief and troll players. Be careful around the servers you go on.

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