A Spy who is strange. He is a GMod Monster created by YouTube user Freuderthreep

The Abstract Spy


Abstract Spy was created by Aperture Science. His purpose is unknown, and due to his comparative uselessness to the other Monsters it's likely he was an accidental creation that they decided to test anyway.

He has since escaped Aperture Labs and is now out in the world, confusing an increasingly large number of people with his oddness.

The Abstract Spy has a greatly inflated torso and hands, and floats around with impunity due to nonexistent legs. His speech is unintelligible, his movements and intentions erratic and unpredicatble. Rumor has it he is friends with Assnick.


Abstract Spy has no extremely dangerous abilities. Most of what he can do is caused by the aura of abnormality that surrounds him, making him capable of doing all kinds of things that physics would normally disallow, explaining his ability to fly. This aura also has a tendency to cause confusion in people who observe his strangeness for too long, which would explain his apparently uneventful escape from Aperture.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Abstract Spy is very fragile. If one can get through his abstractness and attack him thoroughly he will falter in moments.

Abstract Spy is vulnerable to sonic attack, which, if the rumors are true, makes A.S.' good relations with Assnick an even better thing than usual.

He is also very light. If something manages to push him away with great enough force(such as a deflector shield or a bounce pad) he will fly a great distance uncontrollably.

Player avatars are immune to his aura of weirdness, as are the things they directly create.

In the event someone is too stupid to understand how incredibly abstract he is, it would render him unable to deter attackers.



Prologue-The Fad Wars(cameo)

Camping in Arena_Lumberyard is not always a good idea...

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