The main road. Cars will randomly speed past, running down any players.

ttt_67thway is a playable map in Trouble In Terrorist Town. It is set in an suburban street with hazardous moving cars.

The house in "The Other Area". It has a bathroom, and a watchtower.

The ArmoryEdit

  • Has a main room full of guns. The glass "desk" has a weak spot that can be crowbarred, allowing access to ammo.
  • Has a few shelves loaded with weapons and grenades.
  • There are two doors near the entrance that will lead to the display rooms, where weapons are showed off.
  • Has a backdoor for a quick escape.
  • A door leading to a shooting range. If you crouch through the window, you can find a vent leading to a teleporter that brings you to the Underground.

The Construction SiteEdit

A small building with a Huge and a pistol on a counter, Ropes on the side. A good sniper vantage point.

The UndergroundEdit

A "living room". Houses the secret traitor door.

Several random areas that house the exit path of the vents found in the Main Area.

A little room separating the main area from the traitor tester. This room can trap any unsuspecting player and drown him, provided a traitor has pressed the button. Watch out!

The traitor room, only accessible by the traitor (unless an innocent has followed). It is orange in color, with a button that activates the drowning trap. Another area behind it hosts teleporters to different parts of the map.

The traitor tester. (More explained in the other part.)

The Other AreaEdit

A barn. Contains two rooms full of weapons.

A little house with a watchtower on it.

The door to the Main Area.

A walled off area. A destroyed truck and several trees can be found here.

The Traitor TesterEdit

   Out of order! While you cry about this, the traitors are celebrating :)
                            The screen when the tester is destroyed.

    The traitor tester is a valuable tool for the Innocents and the Detectives, and the worst enemy for a traitor. Once a player goes in the glass cage and presses the button, the doors closes and the tester checks him. If he's the traitor, the screen will flash red (Better shoot him). But if he's innocent, the screen will flash green. Often the most populated room in the map, making it the gold mine for Jihads.

Remember, the traitor tester can be destroyed. It just takes about 10 hits from a crowbar.


Trouble in Terrorist Town The Man in The Orange Room07:25

Trouble in Terrorist Town The Man in The Orange Room

AllShamNoWow's video, featuring 67thway, and the traitor room.

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